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By Marlee Creagan for @jj_style_co. Updated 04/08/2022.

When couples start planning their special day one of the details that typically comes to mind is their wedding cake. And I think we are right in saying that dreaming up an epic sweet dessert to finish the night with is more therapeutic than some other tasks. We believe that the ‘traditional wedding cake’ will never go out of style. But what if a ‘traditional’ wedding cake is not your style?

Beside tossing the bouquet and the couple’s first dance, cutting the cake is a long standing tradition that graces every wedding album. But what if you’re not a lover of cake or you have another sweet treat in mind that you plan to grace your guests with?

We say - don’t be afraid to break tradition and find something that suits you and your new spouse.

Below are some of our favourite alternatives to a traditional wedding cake.

01 Cupcakes

If you’re not wanting to stray too far from the traditional wedding cake, a fun way of shaking things up is gracing your guests with a single tier wedding cake accompanied by the cutest little cupcakes.

02 Donuts

Donut mind if I do. Need we say more? Whether you go for a donut wall or a donut tower this will certainly win over your guests.

03 Churros

An easy dessert to dish up individually. Served on their own or with the yummiest chocolate sauce and icecream who wouldn't want to finish their night snacking on some churros?

04 Fresh fruit cake

Getting married on a hot summer's day? A wedding cake carved from fresh fruit is our favourite gluten-free wedding cake option.

05 Cheese tower

If you’re into savoury rather than sweet, we have you covered. Gracing your guests with a cheese wheel tower and a selection of cold meats, crackers and fruit is the perfect savoury alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

06 Gelato

Passionate about gelato? Not only is a gelato stand the perfect prop for a cool photo but it will allow your guests to jump in and enjoy some delicious dessert.

07 Cookies

From intricate icing to perfectly cut-out shapes, cookies are a great way of adding a personal touch to your day, whilst satisfying any sweet tooth. Arrange them on a tower or have them individually wrapped for each of your guests to enjoy later in the evening or in the days to come.

08 Macarons

Want a dessert worthy of its own insta post? These bite-sized french favourites will certainly win over your guests. Macarons are also a great way of adding a pop of colour to your day. Easy to decorate and customise you can provide your guests with an array of flavours. No matter how you display these sugary treats, it’ll certainly be a hit at your reception.

Firstly we want to apologise for making your mouth water, secondly we want to share some of our favourite vendors with you to help create the perfect dessert for your special day.








Images 01, 02, 03, 04,05, 08 from @pinterest

Image 06 from @thegelatosocial instagram

Image 07 from @jj_style_co instagram

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